100 years of Universal voting right

19 Sep 2019  Thu

Luxembourg Post celebrated the hundred years of voting through stamps. In October 1919, women were allowed to vote for the first time in the Parliamentary election. However, the universal suffrage which was voted in 8th may same year not only allowed women voting but also gave right lower-income class male citizens the right to vote.

In 1917 all men were entitled to electoral rights. Two years later in 1919 all women also had electoral rights. Universal suffrage was a fact. Universal suffrage was not only an active right which is to say the right to vote it was also passive as it opened up the possibility of candidacy.

Later in 1919, only one single woman was elected. From 1931 to 1965 there were no women as representatives of people in the Luxembourg parliament. The social law of Luxembourg was an example of how the right of co-determination for all social classes should be determined by the right and opinion in the new selected government due to these changes.

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