Leo VI the Wise

2019-09-19 Thu

Leo VI the Wise or the Philosopher was Byzantine Emperor reigning from 886 to 912. He was the second ruler of the Macedonian dynasty, whose imperial laws, written in Greek, became the legal code of the Byzantine Empire. Leo was born on 19th September 866 to the empress Eudokia Inderina. Made co-emperor in 870, Leo succeeded to the throne on his father’s death. His foreign policy was directed mainly against the Arabs and the Bulgars.

Depicted here is a gold Solidus issued under his reign from Constantinople mint. The obverse of a coin depicts Christ Pantocrator seated facing on lyre-backed throne, with cruciform nimbus, holding a book of gospels in left arm and raising a right hand in benediction. The reverse of a coin engraved Leo (on left) and Constantine standing facing, each wearing crown and loros and holding globus cruciger in outer hand, grasping long patriarchal cross between them.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions