Lucky Stamp of Romania

2019-09-19 Thu

Romania Post is trying its luck by issuing a special commemorative stamp with the theme of “113 years of luck.” The stamp issue is to celebrate the Romanian state lottery that was founded 113 years ago, in 1906.

The Romanian Lottery as an institution was founded during the period between the two World Wars as a response to the nation's interest in other European lotteries. Founded in the year 1906 Romania Lottery is turning 113 years this year. The special stamp issued for the occasion is an 8.50-leu stamp which features the numeral “13” on one of the two lottery balls pictured. The other ball shows the number “1”.

The story behind this stamp has another side too. Viewing the stamp under ultraviolet light reveals a four-leaf clover between the two lottery balls. The stamp release also coincided with the unluckiest day i.e. Friday the 13th. With this stamp, the Romania post has put a finger on the biggest irony.

The stamp shows the main design in the center with the inscription “Romania Lottery 113: good luck years” and the name of the country along with the denomination at the bottom.

Image Courtesy: https://www.linns.com

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