Butterfly Stamp Expo

2019-09-19 Thu

The first-ever stamp exhibition was organized at the tropical butterfly center in Srirangam. The studio recorded 103 species in its premises. Almost, 300 individuals visited the expo where philatelists showed stamps from 70 nations, for example, England, Japan, Paraguay, Cuba, all portraying butterflies. The sorts of stamps included: general postage stamps, dedicatory stamps, short stamps, uncommon spreads, inland covers among others.

With the help of the Forest division, the program was held to help make mindfulness among philatelists about butterfly species. Addressing The Hindu, P. Vijayakumar, an energetic philatelist said that such occasions would enable them to seek after their diversion in a progressively educated way.

"With the assistance of the Forest division, we took in the existence cycle, nourishment sources and conduct of butterflies, which will further enable us to better our gathering, sort them as per species", he said. 11 philatelists got authentications from the Forest division for partaking in the one-day mindfulness program which the studio sorts out each month.

Then, the guests at the observatory likewise proposed that all the more such show could be composed on ends of the week, so progressively a number of individuals alongside little youngsters could take advantage of the lucky break and find out additional information.

Image Curtsy: India Post

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