Shams Al-din Mahmud Billion Six Gani Listed for INR 35000

2019-09-19 Thu

This billon six gani which weighs around 3.15 g in the Hijri year 718 was issued by Shams al-Din Mahmud. Shams-Al-Din Mahmud was the ruler of Khalji dynasty who ruled in the year 1318 CE. He sat on the throne of Delhi after hatching a plot in Deccan to kill Mubarak Shah, after killing Mubarak Shah he sat on the throne of Delhi and declare himself as Sultan.

Shams Al-Din Mahmud Shah ruled Delhi for a very short period, in his short period of reign he issued coins in gold and billon. Gold tanka issued by him bears the name of the mint Qila Deogir. Billon coins issued by him are of two types; six gani and two gani. The legend written on the six gani is on a plain surface; whereas legend on two gani has the name of the Sultan Mahmud Shah in the center circle; with the name of sultan written in ‘Devnagari’ in the margin.

This six gani is listed for INR 35000 in the upcoming auction of Oswal which will be held in Lukhnow on 19th October 2019.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques