Platinum Coins of the United States of America

2019-09-19 Thu

The Platinum Coins are a form of currency; these are also considered as international currency symbol under ISO 4217 of XPT. The issue of first Platinum metal was initiated by Spain when Spain colonized with America during the 18th Century, later in the 19th century, it was continued by the Russian Empire. There are many Platinum Bullion coins issued which include American Platinum Eagle, the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, the Australian Platinum Koala, the Isle of Man Noble, the Chinese Platinum Panda and several series by the Soviet Union and later by the Russian Federation.

The United States of America had issued the Platinum coins with the proof finishing. The one-ounce coins issued by the United States of America are a very beautiful piece of patriotic art. The prising of these bullion coins are typically depends on the market price of the metal.

This Platinum proof coin with the statue of Liberty issued by the United States of America with the theme of Preamble to the Declaration of Independence.

Image Courtesy: usmint.gov