Definitive stamp series of American Post

2019-09-18 Wed

A series of definitive postage stamps widely known as the ‘American series’ was released between 1975 and 1981 by the US post. As the United States was celebrating the Bicentennial of their freedom, many of these stamps featured colonial and patriotic themes and imagery. It consists of twenty different designs printed in sheet, coil, and booklet formats with denomination from one cent to four dollars. This series was issued to replace the Prominent Americans Series.

American series was accomplished by following a uniform plan that outlines the design of the individual stamp as well as the blocks of four stamps. Altogether there were five different blocks following different theme with similar design style like the subject in the center, and the title curving around two of the edges.

The interesting aspect was when all the four stamps of a block when placed together created a frame around the stamps. The theme of these five blocks was Roots of Democracy, Rights, and Freedoms of the American People, Symbols of America, Pioneer America, and America’s Light.

The above-shown image features the block of four stamps with the theme ‘Root of Democracy’. The interesting aspect of these definitive stamps is they do not depict the image of any US president or any historical figures from the American history. These stamps were also the first series that featured decimal value rather than fractional value. But sadly these series had a short-life span as they were not popular with the public.

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Image Courtesy: Wikipedia