Aviation on Iceland stamps

2019-09-18 Wed

The coming summer will mark the centenary of the first aircraft flight of Iceland on the fields of Vatnsmyr in 1919! This episode denotes the most notable step in the hundred years of Iceland’s aviation history. To memorialise this event Iceland Post released a special stamp.

The motif on the stamp features Iceland’s first aircraft, the Avro 504K and a recent jumbo jet. It also illustrated the stylized feature of the registration plate on the left side, this plate is found in all aircraft. Avro 504K was the first Icelandic aircraft created by Britain.

The first airline of the country was established in 1919 but was soon closed after in 1928 a new airline with the same name ' Iceland Airlines' was founded. The first passenger aircraft Junker s F13 took its flight in the same year. Sadly, the second airline was also short-lived. In 1937, Akureyri Airline was established which paved the way for the Iceland first international flight. It was made by a Catalane Seaplane of Large in Scotland in 1945.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue