Louis I of Hungary

2019-09-17 Tue

Louis I, also known as Louis the Great was king of Hungary and Croatia from 1342 and of Poland from 1370. His long reign was involved in wars with Venice and Naples.

Louis, I was born on 5th March 1326, to Charles I of Hungary and Elizabeth of Poland. He was crowned king of Hungary in succession to his father, on July 21, 1342. Louis was the only Hungarian monarch to receive the epithet "Great". In Hungarian historiography, Louis was regarded for centuries as the most powerful Hungarian monarch who ruled over an empire "whose shores were washed by three seas".

After Louise died, his elder daughter, Maria crowned king of Hungary on 17th September 1382. The above shown gold Florin was issued the reign of Louis I. It depicts the standing facing figure of St. John the Baptist on its obverse face. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin engraved the Florentine lily.

Image Source: wikipedia.org