Navy Day of Croatia

2019-09-17 Tue

Croatian Navy Day (Dan Hrvatske rate mornarice) is celebrated annually on September 18. The holiday commemorates the first recorded Croatian naval victory that occurred in 887 as well as the naval battles of the Croatian War of Independence.

On September 18, 887, the fleet of duke Branimir of Croatia defeated Venetians near the city of Makarska. Doge of Venice Pietro I Candiano was killed in the battle, and the Venetians began to pay Branimir an annual tribute for the right to trade and travel in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea.

The history of the Croatian Navy in its current form began in 1991. The formation of Croatian's naval force started during the breakdown of Yugoslavia. The main fleet was formed on September 24, 1991. It participated in the Croatian War of Independence, namely the Battle of the Dalmatian Channels and lifting of the Siege of Dubrovnik. Both battles resulted in Croatian victory.

Croatian Navy Day was established to recognize the contribution of the Croatian Navy and honor its members. It is celebrated with ceremonies (including the laying of wreaths), military displays, official speeches, harboring of Navy vessels in the Makarska port, and other relevant events and activities.

The stamp shown above was issued in the year 1943 when Europe was sunk deep in World War II. This set of four semi-postal stamps was issued to support Croatian legions 1943, Pro-German troops which included Aviation, Navy, Infantry, SS division. The stamp with the denomination of 1+0.50 Croatian kuna depicts Sailor at the Sea of Azov.

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