Father of Green Revolution

2019-09-12 Thu

Norman Ernest Borlog, a central figure in the “Green Revolution” died on 12 September, 2009. He is the "Father of the Green Revolution", who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. He is credited with saving over a billion people from starvation.

Born of Norwegian descent, Dr. Borlaug was raised in Cresco, a small farming community in northeast Iowa. He studied plant biology and forestry at the University of Minnesota and earned a Ph.D. in plant pathology there in 1942.

In 1944, Borlaug recruited as a research scientist in Rockefeller Foundation's pioneering technical assistance program in Mexico, where he worked to solve a series of wheat production problems. The work in Mexico not only had a profound impact on Dr. Borlaug's life and idea of agriculture research and development but also on agricultural production, first in Mexico and later in many parts of the world. To honor him, Zambia Postal Department has issued a 2,000 ZK - Zambian kwacha commemorative postage stamp in the series of Nobel Prize winner. The stamp beautifully designs on the brown color background which depicts the port of Norman Ernest Borlog. Country name and face value appears below the portrait.

Image Source: colnect.com

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