Gold Heavy Tanka of Ghiyath Al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah

10 Sep 2019  Tue

Ghiyath Al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah was the Sultan of Madura reigning from 1340 to 1344 AD. He was the Successor of Qutb Al-Din Firuz Shah. During the reign, he issued gold, copper, and billon coins from Daulatabad mint. These coins were found in the denomination of Tanka, Jital, and Paisa. All the gold coins struck by him are extremely rare.

One of his gold heavy Tanka which weighs around 11.97gm was sold for the price of INR 6,00,000 at Todywalla Auctions. The Obverse side of the coin is inscribed as Sikandar al Sani, yamin al khilafat Nasir Amir al momenin, legend in the margin is Zarb hiza al sikka shahr Daulatabad sanah arba wa arbain wa sabamayat. On the other hand, the reverse of the coin is depicted as “As Sultan al Azam Ghiyas ud duniya wa al-Din abu al Muzaffar Muhammad Damghan Shah As Sultan”.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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