Death Anniversary of Bagha Jatin

2019-09-10 Tue

Jatindranath Mukherjee widely known as Bagha Jatin was an Indian freedom fighter and a leader of Yugantar party. He planned a plot with Germany during World War I against British Raj. His contemporaries regarded him as a superman.

Jatin was born on 8th December 1879 in Kayagram (now in Bangladesh) to Sharatshashi and Umesh Chandra Mukherjee. His father was a great scholar and mother was a poet. He earned the title of Bagha Jatin because, as a young man he had tackled a Royal Bengal Tiger single-handedly in his village and killed it with a knife.

He was the principal leader of the Yugantar party that was the central association of revolutionary freedom fighters in Bengal. When World War I broke out, in September 1914, the Indian revolutionaries of Europe gathered together in Berlin to form the Indian Independence party. The Indian Independence Party sent an emissary to Jatin Mukherjee to negotiate with the German Consul General in Calcutta. In the meantime, Jatin was made the Commander-in-Chief of the entire revolutionary forces.

Today on 10the September in the year 1915, living for a short span of 36 years, Jatin left his footprints on the sands of time. His legacy will stay on to guide the nation, nationalism and nationhood.

India Postal Department has issued a 20 Paise commemorative postage stamp on the death anniversary of Bhaga Jatin on September 9, 1970. The design of the stamp is horizontal and depicts a portrait of Jatindra Nath Mukherjee holding the reins of a horse.

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