Chinese Teachers Day

2019-09-10 Tue

The day of 10 September is the day when the whole country fetes educators and teachers. 10th September is “The Teacher’s Day” in China.

Teachers and coaches have always been honored and respected in China. Very often teachers acted as mentors throughout the whole life; especially it is true for the traditional Chinese martial arts. Since the school system in China is based on the Western model, many old traditions in honor of teachers have not been preserved today.

The modern holiday was awarded a national status on January 21, 1985. The urgent need for this holiday in China was caused by the fact that the “cultural revolution” in China cut the number of intellectual workers – teachers, in particular. The main purpose of the introduction of Teacher’s Day as a public holiday was a Chinese authorities’ desire to increase the prestige of this profession.

Hence, 10 September has been the Teacher’s Day in China since the year 1985. The day marks festive events in honor of the specialists of the educational sphere are held throughout China every year. This day China holds meetings and festival events. Awards ceremonies are taking place very often. Pupils give flowers and gifts to their mentors. Thousands of schoolchildren and students thank their teachers for their important work.

In the honor of the festival, China Post has issued a handful of stamps so far. This 8 fen stamp was issued in the year 1986 to celebrate the first-ever Teacher’s Day. The stamp depicts a blackboard a stack of paper with a bouquet of flower over it. The stamp is inscribed with the denomination and event description in Chinese at top left corner.

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