Extremely Rare Edward VIII Pattern Coin to be Auctioned

2019-09-04 Wed

Spink Auctions is going to offer an extremely rare Edward VIII Pattern Penny on 24th September at London for an estimated value of over £60,000. This trial coin was not circulated as King Edward VIII was unexpectedly abdicated in December 1936. The coin will be auctioned publically for the first time in the UK. Only two such coins are known to collectors today, and the other example is privately owned in the USA.

Very few Edward VIII pattern coins were produced by the Royal Mint in 1936. Coronation of Edward VIII was scheduled in 1937, but the King abdicated before the event in December 1936, as he wanted to marry an American woman named Wallis Simpson. His brother Albert received the title George VI and became the next King. Edward VIII stated that he wouldn’t be able to shoulder his responsibilities without the support of his love.

The coin was designed secretly by Thomas Humphrey Paget and C W Coombes. The complete set of Patterns was added to the Royal Collection in June 1938. The remaining patterns were safely secured by the Deputy Master of the Royal Mint. The deputy master died in September 1950, and the Pattern coins were rediscovered with the note: ‘not to be opened except in the presence of two senior officers of the Royal Mint’.

Some of these coins were donated to the British Museum and some stayed at the Royal Mint Museum. The remaining coins were sold privately to collectors. Edward VIII coins appeared in the market again only in the 1970s. Edward had even requested the Royal Mint to hand over some of his own coins after they were discovered in 1950. However, King George VI declined his request.

Image Courtesy: Spink Auctions