Highlights at Tyrants of the Seine Coin Exhibition

2019-08-31 Sat

Tyrant Collection is considered to be one of the most expensive collections of rare coins which are privately owned. Coins from this collection are being showcased at different locations through a multi-year series of exhibitions. The fifth exhibition, called “Tyrants of the Seine” will be displaying rare French coins from 5th to 7th September at Long Beach Expo.

The exhibition will showcase almost 400 French coins from different eras. The earliest ones are issued by French tribes in 59 B.C. till the fall of Rome in 476 A.D. Other interesting coins like the ones issued by Carolingian Dynasty in the 7th century and those which were issued just before World War II will also be displayed.

Some of the highlights include a gold stater issued by the Parisii in Northern Gaul between 100 and 50 B.C.; A 10 Louis d’Or ceremonial or presentation issue of Louis XIII issued in 1640; 20-franc Proof coin issued in 1815 by Napoleon during the Hundred Days; 100-franc Proof coin of the Second Republic issued in 1889. The anonymous owner of the Tyrant Collection wants to showcase these wonderful coins for collectors and numismatists around the world.

Image Courtesy: Goldberg Coins and Collectibles Inc