Two Unani Physicians to be Honoured on Indian Stamps

30 Aug 2019  Fri

According to a press release by the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be releasing postage stamps honouring two prominent Unani physicians, Hakim Mohammad Kabiruddin (1894–1976) and Hakim Mohammad Abdul Aziz Lakhnawi (1854–1911) on 30th August in New Delhi. They were considered to be one of the 12 ‘Master Healers’ of AYUSH systems.

Hakim Mohammad Kabiruddin was a great writer and teacher of Unani Medicine while Hakim Mohammad Abdul Aziz Lakhnawi was an eminent philosopher-physician. Hakim Kabiruddin translated Unani Medicine textbooks from Arabic/Persian to Urdu to increase their reach and accessibility. He started a monthly magazine called Al-Masih in 1921 and set up a publishing house named ‘Daftar al-Masih’ to release his works, translate books and promote Unani Medicine. He also compiled and translated the medical syllabus of Jamia Usmania Hyderabad and was named ‘Shahanshah-e-Tasnifaat’ (Emperor of Compilations) by Nizam of Hyderabad.

Hakim Mohammad Abdul Aziz Lakhnawi belonged to the Azizi family of Unani Medicine. He established the Takmil ut-Tib College in Lucknow. Apart from teaching and medical practice, he also wrote several medical books as well.

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