Adil Shahi Dynasty

2019-08-30 Fri

The Adil Shahi Dynasty was the Muslim Dynasty founded by Yusuf Adil Khan, the governor of Bijapur. Yusuf Adil Shah got separated from the Bahmani and declared himself independent in the year 1499 CE. Yusuf Adil Khan and next three successors of Yusuf Adil Shah also did not issue any coin.

Ali I (1557-1580) was the first ruler of his dynasty who issued coin. Coins issued by Ali I bears the title Ali ibn Abi Talib on the obverse and Asadallah al-ghalib on the reverse. The coins of this dynasty are generally in copper. These coins were issued in three denominations with the weight standard of 60, 120 and 180 grains. But few coins issued by Muhammad Shah are found with the weight standard of 267 grains.

This copper falus was issued by Ibrahim Adil Shah Weighs around 14.9g.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction