Polish Police Day

2019-08-29 Thu

Celebrated on August 29, Municipal Police Day or City Guard Day is a Polish professional holiday. It was officially declared by statute in 1997.

Historically, municipal police have developed from city guards and municipal guards. Municipal police are law enforcement agencies controlled by the local government. They supervise public order and safety and have jurisdiction only over misdemeanors.

In Poland, municipal police forces are funded, directed and administered by the gmina (communes or municipalities). They were created after the fall of the Communist regime in Poland to ensure that the needs of local communities are not neglected by the country’s centralized government.

The municipal police have fewer powers than the national police. For instance, the city guards have no power of arrest and no right to investigate criminal cases, and they can only exercise what powers they have in their own gmina. Municipal Police Day in Poland is celebrated on August 29. It was established to honor the contribution of the city guards to protecting public order.

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