Roman Emperor Julius Nepos

2019-08-28 Wed

Julius Nepos was the ruler of the Western Roman Empire from 474 to 475. He was also the ruler of Roman Dalmatia from 468 to 480.

Born into a distinguished family, Nepos was sent by the Eastern ruler Leo I to govern Italy as Augustus. The reign of Nepos in Italy ended on 28th of August in the year 475, when Orestes, his Magister Militum, deposed him and usurped the government at Ravenna, forcing Nepos to flee to Roman Dalmatia. In the same year, Orestes enthroned his teenage son as the new Western Roman Emperor.

Nepos continued to reign from Roman Dalmatia as “Emperor of the West”, and he still enjoyed some support from Constantinople. Depicted here is gold Tremissis issued under his reign from Milan mint. The obverse of a coin engraved the pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Julius Nepos right. The reverse of a coin represents Cross within wreath, medallion at the top; COMOB below.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions