Heritage Auctions at ANA World’s Fair of Money

28 Aug 2019  Wed

Heritage Auctions sold many interesting rare coins for almost $45.5 million during ANA World’s Fair of Money that was held from 14th to 18th August in Chicago. The finest known 1837 proof quarter eagle, graded PCGS Proof 66+ Deep Cameo was sold for $576,000. It was once a part of the esteemed Eliasberg and Bass collections. The finest 1843 Eagle graded Proof 64 Deep Cameo, sold for $480,000. The finest known and rare 1907 Wire Rim Eagle graded MS68 by NGC was sold for $432,000. These three coins belonged to the Joan Zieg Steinbrenner Collection.

An 1856-O $20 coin graded AU50 NGC, from The Genau Collection was sold for $408,000. A $20 coin issued in 1890, graded PR67 Deep Cameo PCGS with a CAC sticker from The Joan Zieg Steinbrenner Collection was sold for $396,000. A $4 Coiled Hair coin issued in 1879, graded PR63 NGC, from The Poulos Family Collection was sold for $336,000.

A 1911 Pattern Dollar, known as the Emperor of a Canadian Numismatics, graded PCGS Specimen 64 was sold for $550,000. Only two coins of this type exist today and this is the only example that is held privately. A 1921 half dollar, known as the King of Canadian Coins, graded MS66 by PCGS, was sold for $240,000. A 1936 “Dot” Cent, graded PCGS SP65 Red and Brown, was sold for $312,000. Only three coins of this type are known to collectors. These Canadian rarities belonged to the George Hans Cook collection.

An EL stater from IONIA, Ephesus, issued under the ruler Phanes who reigned from 625-600 BC, graded NGC (photo-certificate) VF 4/5 – 4/5, was sold for $156,000. A 1916-C George V gold Sovereign from Canada struck at Ottawa mint, graded MS66 PCGS, was sold for $156,000. A 5 Shillings “Holey Dollar” coin issued for the British colony of New South Wales in 1813, graded AU53 NGC, was sold for $144,000.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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