New Moroccan Banknote Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Throne Day

2019-08-22 Thu

On 21st August, Bank Al-Maghrib of Morocco introduced a MAD 20 banknote to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Throne Day when Mohammed VI was declared as the new King of the country. Throne Day is celebrated on 31st July annually in Morocco. A MAD 250 commemorative coin was also released on 31st July this year to celebrate the same occasion.

The banknote’s vertical design includes a picture of King Mohammed VI. The reverse side highlights important infrastructural projects undertaken by the King, like “Mohammed VI” bridge, solar power plant Noor II in Ouarzazate, Mohammed VI satellite, and the high-speed train, Al Buraq. The design symbolises Morocco's progressive outlook according to bank officials. Security features such as microscopic texts, anti-scanning patterns have been incorporated to prevent counterfeiting activities. These limited edition commemorative notes will be issued and circulated in September 2019 as per media reports.

Image Courtesy: Bank Al-Maghrib