Birth Anniversary of P. Jeevanandham

2019-08-21 Wed

P. Jeevanandham-widely remembered as Jeeva was born on 21st August 1907, into an orthodox family in the village Boothapandi, in the then princely state of Travancore (present in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu). His original name was Sorimuthu.

He was a well known social reformer, political leader, and one of the pioneers of the communist and socialist movements in the state of Tamil Nadu. Jeevanandham started his political life basing himself on Gandhian ideas.

The national movement and Gandhi’s call to wear khadi and his stand against untouchability influenced Jeevanandham to join the movement. Jeeva is remembered among the enthusiasts of Tamil. He was also the founder of the Tamil literary magazine “Thamarai” and the communist newspaper “Janashakti”.

In 1962, his health suffered a setback. He breathed his last on 18th January 1963. To honor him, India Postal Department has issued 500 Paise (5 Rupees) commemorative postage stamp in 1997.

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