Moroccan Revolution of the King and People

20 Aug 2019  Tue

The anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People is celebrated on August 20th, marks a turning point in Morocco’s contemporary history. For 64 years, 20th August has represented to Moroccans a day of remembrance, heroic struggle, and the union between the king and the people.

In the year 1912, Morocco signed a “protection agreement” with France and Spain in return for the protection of their country from foreign threats and preserve their country’s integrity and independence. Under the guise of a protectorate, Morocco was colonized. For the next 44 years, Morocco underwent countless violations of freedom and was exploited and run down.

Moroccans refused to stand hopeless in the defiance of tyranny. These protests, however, were silenced by the colonizer. In contempt of French oppression of Morocco, the late King Mohammed V began unshakably calling for the abolition of the protectorate agreement and to recognize Morocco’s independence.

On 20th August 1953, the French Government removed King Mohammed V and exiles him. The overthrow of Mohammed V gave rise to resentment and disgust among Moroccans. Activists from Morocco and abroad joined the lines of resistance forces and fought for their kingdom.

This victorious revolution succeeded in freeing the country and paving the way for the advent of the era of independence. King Mohammed V returned and the independence of Morocco was declared. August 20 was a day of hope and revolution which contributed to the strengthening of the unity of Moroccans.

Post Morocco issued a commemorative stamp worth 4.80 Moroccan dirhams to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the independence. The stamp shows the scepters and kings umbrella in the center with the National Flag above the number 40. The stamp is inscribed in both Arabic and French.

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