Afghan Independence Day

19 Aug 2019  Mon

Afghan Independence Day-also known as the Afghan Victory day is celebrated in Afghanistan on 19th August to commemorate the Treaty of Rawalpindi in 1919, granting independence from Britain.

Along with India, the British took control of the adjoining state of Afghanistan. In an effort to negate the threat of Russia the British made numerous attempts at imposing their will upon Kabul and over the course of the 19th Century fought two wars: the First Anglo-Afghan War and the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

Afghanistan became a British protectorate after they were defeated in the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The British were given control of Afghanistan's foreign affairs in exchange for protection against the Russians and Persians.

The Third Anglo-Afghan War began on 6 May 1919 when the Emirate of Afghanistan invaded British India. The war resulted in the Afghans winning back control of foreign affairs from Britain. It was signed on 8 August 1919 in Rawalpindi, British India (now in Punjab, Pakistan).

The Treaty of Rawalpindi was signed which was an armistice made between the United Kingdom and Afghanistan. According to the Treaty, The United Kingdom recognized Afghanistan's independence, agreed that British India would not extend past the Khyber Pass and stopped British subsidies to Afghanistan.

The Stamp shown above was issued to celebrate the 53rd Anniversary of Afghanistan. The stamp was issued with the denomination of 25 Afghani and depicts King of Afghan with Queen Humaira on the left along with the Independence parade on the right.

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