St. Martin's Day in Argentina

2019-08-17 Sat

Celebrated on17th August every year, this holiday commemorates the death of Jose de San Martin – who is regarded as the founding father of Argentina.

Known as the Protector of Peru, Jose de San Martin was Spanish-Argentine general and the prime leader of the southern and central parts of South America's successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire.

Argentina recognizes him as “the Father of our Country”. Peru remembers this liberator of the country as “the founder of the freedom of Peru”, “Protector of Peru” and “the founder of the Republic and the supreme commander of weapons”. In Chile he was known as “Captain General”.

His life was spent for the protection of people. He faced many battle and conflicts during his 72 years of life. The last battle he faced was he Anglo-French blockade which was a five-year-long naval blockade imposed by France and Britain on the Argentine Confederation. Though he didi not participate the conflict, he worked behind the curtains.

During this period, San Martin was in a small city in northern France. Despite of having many serious health issues, he was in touch with the news from South America. Shortly after receiving the news of the Argentine victory against the Anglo-French blockade, he died, on 17 August 1850.

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