Heritage’s Long Beach World Coins Signature Auction Highlights

17 Aug 2019  Sat

Heritage Auctions would be organising its Ancient & World Coins Signature auction from 4th to 9th September during the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo. Several exciting ancient coins would be offered during the sale. Stunning Roman coins such as a Solidi of Avitus and Petronius Maximus, an early-issue Persian daric, Babylonian double-darics, different types of Egyptian octodrachms and Byzantine solidi from Philippicus and both styles of facing Christ portraits from Justinian II would be up for grabs.

The Syracusan section consists of many beautiful gold and silver coins, some of which are not even known to collectors. These include Cypriot staters, an Antiochus III tetradrachm issued by an uncertain mint etc.

Another interesting example is the final issue of Byzantine coinage which is 1/8th stavraton of Constantine XI. The coin was struck using silver that was extracted by melting holy vessels during the Siege of Constantinople in 1453. The Byzantine Empire saw its end soon after this historical event. Interesting Brazilian coins from the Santa Cruz collection ranges from 17th-century issues to the Republic issues of the 20th century.

Latin America world coins offered during the sale include a very rare near-choice 20 Pesos coin from Cuba issued in 1915, an 8 Escudos coin from Spain issued in 1728 under the rule of Philip V, graded NGC XF45, the finest known 8 Reales coin from Colombia, Cundinamarca, issued in 1821 etc. Other notable offerings include a Pattern Birr, EE from Ethiopia issued in 1892, graded MS67, a Chinese Kweichow “Auto” Dollar, certified by PCGS, a Double Royal d’or from France issued under the rule of Philippe VI etc.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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