Independence Day of Gabon

2019-08-16 Fri

Gabon, one of the nations of western central Africa got its independence from the France colonial power on 17th August 1960. This is a historic day for Gabon, as it was when the country freed itself from the rule of any other community.

It was in 1815 that the French showed its interest in the Gabon coast. After a few years, a treaty was signed between the French and the African king, who had control over the northern Gabon coast. According to this treaty, the kingdom was ceded to France, but in return for French security.

As the years passed, the French explorers penetrated in the interiors of Gabon. It was in 1890 that Gabon formally became a part of French Congo. However, it was after a few years that the movement for independence was started. It was in 1959 that the first official government was formed and the constitution was adopted. Gabon was formally declared independent on 17 August 1960.

Gabon celebrates this national day with great enthusiasm and excitement. It is a national holiday. School and colleges all celebrate this day and students sing the national anthem of the country and there patriotic songs. Celebrations continue for continuous three days from 16 till 18 of august.

On the 30th Anniversary of the Independence Day, Gabon Post issued 100 francs special commemorative stamps. The stamp shows the national flag in the background with the coat of arms in the center surrounded by flowers. Name of the country and the denomination value in on the top and the inscription “30th Anniversary of the Independence” is at the bottom.

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