130 years of the UGT celebrated by Spain Post

16 Aug 2019  Fri

On 12th August 1888, the first Spanish National Worker’s Congress commenced at the Circulo Socialista located on Calle Tallers de Barcelona. Around 16 delegates representing 44 trade societies came together with a common goal to form the first national organisation of workers’ societies to defend their rights against employers. Spain Post issued a special stamp featuring the logo designed for this important anniversary and the face of founder Pablo Iglesias.

The stamp celebrating 130 years since its foundation includes the logo designed for the important anniversary and the face of founder Pablo Iglesias just the stamp Correos issued in 1988 to commemorate the organisation centenary. Pablo Iglesias Posse who is shown on the stamp was a Spanish socialist and labour leader. He is regarded as the father of Spanish socialism having founded the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (POSE) in 1879 and the Spanish General Workers Union (UGT) in 1888.

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