10 Cent on 9 Candareen surcharges inverted stamp

2019-08-13 Tue

In Jan 2019, Spink conducted an auction of ‘The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragon, Dowager and 1897 Surcharges’. This auction offered collectors attention an extraordinary stamp, a rarity of 19th century imperial China. This specimen is a 10 cent-on-9-candareen dark green Dragon and Shou stamp with 10 cent surcharge inverted.

The stamp offered by the Spink auction was the marvellous example of the legendary stamp. It is the rarest and most sought after Dowager surcharge. In 1897 the demand of this stamp in China was quite high. Hence, many old stamps were returned from the Post office around d China and were sent to the printers and Surcharge. The sheet of 9ca received 10ca surcharge and the coroner of the stamp received the surcharge upside-down. Thus, 10 cent –on-9 Candareen stamp Surcharge inverted was created. It is believed to be the most valuable Chinese stamp today.

According to the Auction house, only four examples of this stamp have been recorded two unused and two used.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue