4c pan-America stamp was sold for $18,500

2019-08-09 Fri

‘Unites States Stamps and Confederate States’ auction was conducted by Robert A Siegel. This auction contained a wide array of choice material from the Scott Newman, MD Collection of Gem-quality United Stamp and many more. The highlight of this auction was $c pan-American stamps.

The Pan-American issue is notoriously difficult to find with anything even approaching the term ‘Wide margin’. The high-grade copies have margins which measure equally but not what one would consider wide when compared to other contemporary issues. The stamp offered by Siegel has an exception to this rule. This is the only example of the Gem 100 grade which exceeding Gem 100 Jumbo. This stamp was offered at the price of $170 but this lot manage to obtain the whopping price of $18,500.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue