Singapore National Day

09 Aug 2019  Fri

The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on August 9. An island nation at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula declared independence on this day in 1965.

Singapore’s modern history began in the early nineteenth century, when Stamford Raffles, a British administrator based in Java, chose to develop the island as a trading post for the East India Company. By the mid-1900s Britain granted Singapore a large degree of self-rule.

Singapore’s new leadership thought the island’s interests would be best served by uniting with the Federation of Malaya. Hence, Singapore joined the federation in 1963. But the arrangement was short-lived, as the Singaporean politicians were not happy with the second position given to them.

These tensions probably contributed to race riots in Singapore in 1964, which left dozens dead. In August 1965 Malaysia’s parliament voted to expel Singapore from the federation which announced the island’s independence.

Singapore, in the year 2015, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of her independence. A set of five + one special stamps were issued for the occasion. The special stamp with the denomination of 2 Singaporean Dollars depicts the World Famous National Parade.

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