Donald Trump Reportedly Featured on Stamps from North Korea

2019-08-08 Thu

According to certain media reports, North Korea has released a special stamp depicting Donald Trump. The report mentions that the stamps celebrate Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un in June. It also claims that the stamp depicts an image of the two leaders standing together in the demilitarized zone.

Before this, another set of stamps was released on 12th June to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the 2018 summit in Singapore. These stamps depict the first handshake between the two leaders at the occasion; them signing a joint agreement, and the complete text of that statement. The stamps do not depict the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, who was with Trump and Kim in Panmunjom.

North Korea tested several short-range missiles recently to possibly pressurize Seoul and Washington for fastening the nuclear negotiations. However, Trump claimed that the tests were very standard and they wouldn’t affect his political relations with Kim.

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Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons