100-pound note sold for more than half a million dollars

2019-08-07 Wed

Setting a new world record, a rare Australian banknote of 100 pound was sold at a sky-high price of more than half a million dollars! The note that was auctioned by Noble Numismatics in Sydney, was subject to a fierce bidding war between two collectors.

The bids opened at $210,000, with the final price expected to be about $350,000. But the bidding war ensured that note surpassed expectations, and eventually got sold for a whopping $410,000 in addition to the buyer’s premium and GST!

The final cost got pushed up to the final total paid to $500,200. Isn’t it amazing! This note issued in 1914 that was discovered in a Tasmanian Deed Box in the mid-1970s is "perhaps the world's rarest banknote". It has traded hands between collectors relatively rarely. The eventual buyer of this rarity was an Australian private collector.

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Image Courtesy: Nobel Numismatics