We are coming to Ahmedabad

06 Aug 2019  Tue

Mintage World will be participating in Ahmedabad Coins & Currency Fair commencing from this Friday. The event is scheduled to start from 9th August 2019 and will end on 11th August 2019, it will be a three days event. This will be a good change for buying, selling, exchanging coins, banknote and stamps. This event is taking place in the President Hotel from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

On the last day of the event, Classical Numismatic Gallery is also commencing its Auction No.34. This auction consists of some of the rare coins from Indian coinage. This auction will be executed in the sequence of sessions I & II from 4.30 PM onwards. It will be a rare opportunity to fetch a few of the beautiful specimens for your collection.

Along with the auction, there will also be many collectors and dealers participating in this event providing a small platform for coin exchange and trade on a small scale. There will also be exhibits on display for the student to learn and developed an interest in this aspect of culture and history.

Ahmedabad coins and currency fair is one of the most prestigious fairs in Ahmedabad and it has been organized since 2008 annually.

We will also be awaited for you all with our excellent products, don’t miss out on the chance.

Eagerly waiting for all of you! See you at our stalls No.22.

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