Sri Lanka Post Organises Philatelic Exhibition to Celebrate World Post Day

2019-08-03 Sat

Sri Lanka Post has organised a special philatelic exhibition from 2nd to 4th August to celebrate World Post Day at its headquarters down D R Wijewardena Mawatha. Over 25 stalls have been put up by exhibitors to sell heir stamps along with other interesting philatelic materials. Visitors also have a chance to buy personalized stamps at the event.

These personalised stamps can be issued to celebrate important events like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays etc., and can be used to pay postage rate within Sri Lanka. The pricing for personalized stamps has reduced considerably in the last few years. Currently, a sheet of twenty personalized stamps can be bought for Rs 2,000.

Special security measures are being taken during the printing process to ensure that nobody misuses these stamps. Identities of people who want these stamps are thoroughly verified and a strict application procedure is being followed. Sri Lanka Post recently launched an app that makes it easier to purchase Sri Lankan stamps from any country in the world. Experts say that a majority of the online orders are placed through this app by stamp lovers from India and China.

Stamps of Sri Lanka are considered to be unique as most of them feature hand-drawn imagery. Local artists get a chance to showcase their talent worldwide through these wonderful stamp designs. Collectors are also attracted to stamps depicting rare fauna and flora of Sri Lanka.

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Image Courtesy: Google Images