Canadian Coins Honour Soldiers Who Liberated the Netherlands in World War II

2019-08-03 Sat

The Royal Canadian Mint released a new coin from the Second World War Battlefront Series, honouring Canadian soldiers who assisted the Allied forces during the historic Battle of Scheldt. This launch ceremony was organised at the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre in Ottawa. Esteemed mint officials, government officials, representatives of Allied nations and Second World War veterans attended the event.

The reverse side of the collector coin is designed by an artist named Mary McPherson from Canada. It features a Canadian Ojibwa soldier holding a Bren gun crossing a tower mill, logo of the First Canadian Army and a Wasp MKII C flamethrower Universal Carrier covering the solider from a raised platform near Scheldt River. The obverse depicts an effigy of King George VI designed by T.H. Paget. The $20 Fine Silver Coin has a limited mintage of 8,500 and can be purchased for $94.95 each.

The month-long battle began in September 1944. As the German forces along the Scheldt River were well-protected, over 6,000 Canadians lost their lives or were wounded during this violent clash. By the end of the battle, the allied forces managed to capture Dutch and Belgian territories near the banks of Scheldt River with the help of brave Canadian soldiers. This strategic region was a very important supply line that led to the liberation of the Netherlands and eventually, Western Europe. The Battle of the Scheldt will be commemorated on 31st August in the Netherlands, followed by year-long programs to celebrate the country's 75th Independence Day.

Image Courtesy: The Royal Canadian Mint