Switzerland National Day

01 Aug 2019  Thu

The Swiss National Day is the national holiday of Switzerland, set on 1 August.

The founding of the Swiss Confederacy was first celebrated on this date in 1891. However, 1stAgust it has only been an official holiday since 1994. The date is inspired by the date of the Federal Charter of 1291 when "three Alpine cantons swore the oath of confederation". It has been an official holiday since 1994, following the acceptance of a federal popular initiative in its favor in 1993.

1 August is celebrated each year with paper lantern parades, bonfires, hanging strings of Swiss flags, fireworks and competitive rifle shooting matches. At the historic location of Rütli Meadow the legendary pledge of alliance, the Rutlischwur takes place.

The Swiss Post issued a very beautiful stamp in the year 1992. Denominated 50 Swiss francs, the stamp comes in a block of four. A quarter of the Swiss cross shows on each stamp in this block of four. Each stamp has “700” with the word “years” in one of the four national languages: German (upper left), Romansch (upper right), French (lower left), and Italian (lower right).

The stamp symbolizes the culture of the above-mentioned countries united by the Swiss cross.

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