Yemen Arab Republic 10 Rials banknote of 1973

31 Jul 2019  Wed

The Yemen Arab Republic, also known as North Yemen or Yemen, was a country from 1962 to 1990 in the western part of what is now Yemen. Its capital was at Sana’a. It united with the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, on May 22, 1990, to form the current Republic of Yemen.

The official currency of Yemen is the Yemeni Rial ir the North Yemeni Rial. The Rial is sub-divided into 100 fils. After the union between the North (the Yemen Arab Republic) and the South (the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen) in 1990, both the northern rial and the southern dinar remained legal tender during a transitional period.

Today we are looking at a 10 Rial banknote issued in 1973. The obverse has the portrait of the King Dhamer Ali to left while the reverse has Republican Palace in Sana'a.

Image Courtesy: PicClick

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