Rare 1914 £100 Banknote of Australia to be Auctioned

2019-07-30 Tue

On 1st August, Noble Numismatics at the State Library of Australia would be auctioning a £100 banknote issued by the Commonwealth of Australia in 1914 for an estimated value of A$350,000. The reverse side of the note in uncirculated condition depicts Upper Yarra and Leura waterfalls. It is the only known example of its type and wasn’t redeemed when it was demonetised. It belongs to a collection owned by the Late Notaphilist, John Wilson. His wife had auctioned his coin collection after his death in 2008 and now, she would be offering this splendid note.

In 1987, John Wilson had bought the same note through Noble Numismatics for A$42,000. It is the only example in private hands without any cancellation. The note was actually found in a deed box in Tasmania. A family put five new £20 notes along with this beauty in the box. It is believed that the family was a part of the original scenes featured on the reverse side of the £20 note. They are now auctioning their precious collection.

The auction would also be offering nine sheets of 120 1d red kangaroo postage stamps each. These are considered to be the first stamps of Australia. Each sheet would be offered at an estimated value of A$1200.

Image Courtesy: Noble Numismatics