Rare Medieval Coins from Venice and Vienna Sold by Kunker Auctions

2019-07-30 Tue

Many rare and expensive coins were sold during the Kunker Auctions that took place from 24th to 27th June. An extremely rare 12 Zecchini undated gold coin from Italy issued during the reign of Alvise IV Mocenigo at Venice Mint was sold for €100,000 against an estimated value of €40,000. The extremely fine to FDC coin features an off-metal strike and was issued using undated dies of the Scudo della croce. Alvise IV Mocenigo ruled the Republic of Venice from 1763-1778.

The coin is rare because Venice did not have the required resources to mint such beautiful coins during that time period. As the state economy kept on deteriorating, families became poorer. The Government brought in tax reform and established trade relations with Maghreb, Russia, and the United States. It is believed that Alvise IV even sold the expensive ring that the doge had to throw into the sea annually during Sposalizio del Mare.

A very rare 10 ducats gold coin issued for Vienna in 1619 during the rule of Emperor Matthias was sold for €120,000 against an estimated value of €25,000. The coin was issued during the Thirty Years War, when Winter King Frederick V of the Palatinate declared himself as the king of Bohemia, replacing Kings from the House of Habsburg. Emperor Matthias needed a lot of support from his allies in terms of military and political partnership. He also offered impressive subsidies to its allies.

Since 1814, the coin belonged to a family of fishmongers at Lake Starnberg. The same family supplied fish for the Bavarian court in the 15th century. Matthias and the Elector of Bavaria Maximilian I signed the Treaty of Munich In 1619. Matthias offered financial assistance to Bavaria for building an army of 18,000 infantry and 2,600 cavalries. Experts believe that the coin from Vienna was offered as payment from the Bavarian court to the fishermen.

Image Courtesy: Kunker Auctions