Silver Rupee of Radiyya Sultan Sold For INR 2,50,000

2019-07-29 Mon

This silver rupee which weighs around 10.9g was issued by Jalalat al-din Radiyya of Delhi Sultanate. Radiyya was the daughter of Shams Al-Din Iltutmish; she was one of the courageous and able rulers of Delhi Sultanate. She sat on the throne of Delhi Sultanate after the death of her father Iltutmish.

Being a women Raddiya sultan had faced much resistance at the beginning of the reign. But, later she overcomes all her difficulties. She is known for being one of the few women in history to have ruled a large empire.

The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Al-Sultan Al-Azam Shamsa Al-Dunya Wal Din Al-Sultan Al-Mu'Azzam Radiyyat Al-Dunya Wa'L Din’. The reverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Fi Ahad Al-Imam Al-Mustansir Amir Al-MuMinin’.

This silver rupee was sold for INR 2,50,000 in the upcoming auction of Oswal Auction which was in Bangalore on 26th July 2019.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques