George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Quarter Dollar

26 Jul 2019  Fri

This quarter dollar was issued by the United States of America with the theme of George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in the year 2017. This National Park is also memorized as the victory over the British remains; it is one of the most remarkable feats of the American Revolution. The park is located within the city limits of Vincennes, Indiana adjacent to the Wabash River. The park features a massive granite memorial which commemorates the conquest of the Old Northwest Territory.

The obverse of this coin depicts the portrait of the first president of the United States of America George Washington, facing towards left. The inscription ‘LIBERTY’ and ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ is written on the left and right side of the portrait and the inscription ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ and ‘QUARTER DOLLAR’ is written on the top and bottom side of the coin. The reverse side of the coin depicts George Rogers Clark leading his men through the flooded plains approaching Fort Sackville. The inscription ‘GEORGE ROGERS CLARK’, ‘INDIANA’, ‘2017’,’ E PLURIBUS UNUM’ is written in the margin.

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