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Modern Coinage of United Kingdom

The coins of United Kingdom issued by The Royal Mint over the last 1000 years gives a new perspective to its monetary and economic structure. The coinage of Britain was modernized during the reign of King Charles II. He changed the old hammered coinage to the modern British coins. This coinage includes denominations like Crown, Half-Crown, Half-Penny, Shilling, etc.

The restoration of English coinage took a new turn in King William III’s reign with the introduction of the great `re-coinage' in 1816 CE. Gold standards were introduced in 1821 with the introduction of the Gold sovereigns which gave way to the rare modern British coins of that century. These changes saw introduction of new denominations like Two Shilling and Double Florin.

During the reign of King George V the sovereign disappeared from the valuable modern coins of United Kingdom but it was still in circulation in her commonwealths. The Kings and Queens of the House of Windsor made many changes to the rare modern coins of United Kingdom. The decimalization of the English monetary system was one of the last and major developments.

Mintage world is ecstatic to present a platform to study and understand the modern coinage of United Kingdom to its viewer’s. Study the coins of Kings and Queens like Charles II, William III, George I, George VI and Edward VII who ruled half of the global population and its coinage.