1 Pice

Dynasty / Name of State : Anna Series

Ruler / Authority : GOI

Denomination : 1 Pice

Metal : Bronze

Shape : Round

Weight : 3.9

Type/Series : 1.6 thick planchet, Small Year

Minting Technique : Die Struck

Issued Year : 1950

Size : 21

History of GOI
The Indian struggle for independence is well known throughout history. However, not many of have an idea of the impact independence has had on Indian coinage.

Pre-independence coinage included quaternary silver coins which were issued between 1940 and 1947 CE. In 1947 CE, the quaternary silver coins were replaced by those made of pure nickel. These coins bore the portrait of George VI on the obverse and the denomination along with the y...

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Harshad 07/11/2016



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