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Coins of Myanmar (Burma)

The earliest Myanmar coins belong to the Imperial Burma period of Mrauk-U dynasty. The Early Modern Era Coinage issued by kings Mindon and Pagan between 1852 and 1885 circulated in Upper Burma. Indian coins were current in Lower Burma, which was annexed in 1852. Burma coins are frequently known by the equivalent Indian denominations, although their values are inscribed in Burmese units. Upper Burma was annexed in 1885 and the Burma coins remained in circulation until 1889, when Indian coins became current throughout Burma. Silver Burmese coins in denominations of 1 pe, 1 mu (2pe), 1 mat (4pe), 5 mu (10pe), and 1 kyat, and Burmese gold coins were minted in denominations of 1 pe and 1 mu. Burma coins were again issued in the old Burmese denominations after independence in 1948, but these were replaced by decimal issues in 1952. The current Modern Myanmar Kyat coins were minted in 1991 and 1999. They come in 10 pyas, 50 pyas, 1 kyat, 5 kyats, 10 kyats, 50 kyats and 100 kyats.