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The Vishnu trivia is not over yet. In the previous blog we discussed first five avatars of Lord Vishnu. We familiarised ourselves with their stories and the reasons why the Lord decided to incarnate on earth. These incarnations or the Avataras of lord Vishnu form a core concept of Hinduism. Hidden behind every Avatara is a message that the Lord conveys. Some even view the Dashavataras of Lord Vishnu as the stages of human evolution. In this series of blogs we are viewing the Avataras through the legendary artwork, Geeta Govinda, of poet Jayadeva. Department of Post, India, has issued a beautiful Miniature sheet depicting 11 stamps; with 10 avatars of Vishnu and one stamp depicting the celebrated poet, Jayadeva. Let’s continue our journey of exploring the Incarnations of lord Vishnu on stamps.

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