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Getting to Know Satavahana Coins – Symbols and Motifs

Introduction to Satavahana Coins

The period 2nd Century BC – 2nd Century AD is considered to be one of the significant periods of Ancient India. The period is marked by the downfall of the Mauryan Empire as well as emergence of numerous dynasties, tribal republics and city-states. The Satavahana were one of such dynasties that emerged in South India who built a long lasting empire. The Satavahanas who ruled from middle of the 1st century BC to 3rd century AD was not only the earliest but also the longest ruling Dynasty of Ancient India. The Satavahanas exerted same stability over Deccan and beyond as the Mauryans, which further, led to economic and social development. The study of their history, hence, has an important scope among the Ancient Indian historical studies.

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