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Curacao's Stamps with Banknotes

Coins, Stamps, and Banknotes not just make great collectibles but also offer a solid platform that stimulates the curious minds. However fascinating is keeping a collection, having more than one hobby can be a little bit exhausting and expensive. What if two hobbies are spliced into one? The Curacao Post has brilliantly combined Notaphily with Philately together which yielded an amazing result. World’s most peculiar hobbies i.e Notaphily – the study of banknotes – and Philately – the study of postage stamps are brought together by Curacao’s Post. ‘Curacao’s Stamps with Banknotes’ is an interesting chapter for those who wish to collect both Notes and Stamps in one go. Continue reading Notaphily through Philately – Curacao’s Stamps with Banknotes