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Akbar was the third ruler of the Mughal Dynasty in India from 1556 to 1605.  He succeeded Humayun and went on to become one the greatest Mughal Emperors to conquer almost the entire Indian Subcontinent north of the Godavari river. Coins of Akbar also reflect the power of this mighty emperor and they are the most exquisite and varied among the ones that were minted by other Mughal emperors. He was the one who made his mark with the help of Mughal military apart from political, cultural, and economic reforms that he introduced. His religiously and culturally diverse policies helped him gain support of the non-muslim sections of the society. He was the one who revolutionised Mughal style arts, painting, and architecture. Akbar preached about Din-i-Ilahi, a beautiful amalgamation of Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Christianity. He trusted his subjects, irrespective of their caste or religion and offered them important positions in the administrative and military setups. He got rid of the sectarian and celebrated all kinds of festivals.

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